The best Nordic Walking excursions in Mallorca

Although most tourists usually visit the island in the summer months, May is, without a doubt, the best time to enjoy a relaxing holiday and take trips to see the beautiful scenery of the island. And, in addition to being much less crowded, the prices of tourist accommodation are cheaper and the climate is very pleasant. In May the temperatures can reach 16 °C at the beginning of the month and 19 °C at the end, with a maximum temperature of 24 °C. Hence, light clothes can be worn during the day. Although it is not a bad idea to take something warm to wear at night, as it can get cool.

Furthermore, although the water temperature is cool, at around 18 °C, going for a swim is a possibility. An extra bonus is that there are 12 hours of sun a day, which will allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, especially if you want to go on nature trips.

One of the best activities to do in May in Mallorca is Nordic Walking, since the climate and the diversity of landscapes of the island at this time of year offer visitors the ideal combination to enjoy a healthy holiday on the island. It is a booming sport on the island that can be done by people of all ages and consists of walking with canes specially designed for this activity. You should walk naturally, using the canes to accompany the natural swing of your arms.

It started in countries like Germany, Finland, the United States and Austria, but little by little it has been spreading to other countries around the world. It was invented by Nordic skiers to maintain physical fitness in times when there was no snow. It can be practised at any time of the year, but it is advisable to avoid the high summer temperatures. Therefore, May is a perfect moment.

Of course, although anyone can do it, even children, it is necessary to have some skill, so it is advisable to take a course before trying it, so that an expert monitor can give you guidelines to follow in order to carry out the movements accurately and get the desired benefits.

In fact, the benefits offered by the practice of this activity are numerous, since while practising it, 90% of the muscles of the body are exercised. It helps to improve and increase mobility, flexibility, resistance, strength and coordination; it increases energy expenditure; it fights osteoporosis by strengthening bones; it improves the cardiovascular system and increases cardiorespiratory resistance; it helps to fight neck, back and shoulder problems; it strengthens the immune system; and it helps to improve the health of people who have suffered breast cancer.

If it’s your first time doing Nordic Walking, you have nothing to worry about, since on the island you will find a wide variety of companies offering courses and guided tours throughout the island’s geography.

Circuit of Nordic walking: 7km from your apartment

Our Miramar Collection apartments are a great choice to stay for those who want to practice Nordic Walking in Mallorca and go on trips to see the most beautiful landscapes of the island. Located in Puerto de Pollença, just 7 km from the Nordic Walking circuit. It is the first park of its kind in Spain, recently opened in the municipality of Alcúdia, with different routes classified into three levels of difficulty.

The green route of “Es Bacarés”: this route runs along the coast and is of low difficulty, making it ideal for families with children.

The Victoria route: this itinerary will take you through lush forests of typical Mediterranean vegetation, offering spectacular views of the area.

The route of Coll Baix: it is a route of high difficulty, only suitable for people who are in good physical shape. It reaches the small beach of Es Coll Baix, an environment of breathtaking beauty that can only be reached by walking or by the sea.

Foto: – Es Coll Baix

However, not everything is Nordic Walking on the island, as you will also find numerous hiking trails through beautiful natural areas and beaches on the island. With different distances and degrees of difficulty. As well as excursions very close to the Miramar Collection apartments. If you are looking for something shorter than 1 hour, at a distance of 6 km you have Puig de Maria and at 1 km, Cala Bóquer. If you are looking for something more advanced, between 1 and 3 hours, at less than 10 km from the apartments you will find Castell del Rei, Atalaya s’Albercuix, the Fumat and Cala Murta, Cala Figuera and Coves Blanques. And if you want to spend an afternoon or a morning hiking, there are also excursions of more than 3 hours, such as Camí Vell de Lluc, just 7 km from the apartments. With a duration of 5 and a half hours and 16 km of route. Of medium difficulty and combining both dirt road and tarmac.