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Your second home in Port de Pollença

Miramar Collection Apartments

After running the emblematic Hotel Miramar for a whole century (link to Hotel Website), the family ,who own the establishment, decided to offer their guests a new chance to stay in one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean.

With the aim of giving all their guests the opportunity of experiencing more by taking it one step further, Hotel Miramar started the apartments Miramar Collection in 1985. It is a group of apartments, located in the Port de Pollença which was planned with the idea of giving couples,groups of friends or families the opportunity to spend some nice relaxing days or more and get away from it all with the complete freedom you have when you’re staying in an apartment and also with their safety and security guaranteed, and, of course, hospitality and peace of mind. Which is also guaranteed by the management of Hotel Miramar whose owners received The National Tourist Merit Medal in 1986 in recognition of their dedicated work as their hallmark is warmth, quality and and excellent service.

The Apartamentos Miramar Collection are your second home.

Our Standards

The best service

To create a service that satisfies and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Improving every day

To improve the performance and to use rationally the resources that we are given.


To reduce the environmental impacts that are produced in the prevention of contamination

The best quality

To review the objectives and goals through the attachment of the quality indicators.