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Walkers & Nordik Walking

Nordic Walking is an emerging sport in Mallorca. It is suitable for all ages and consists in walking with poles that are especially designed for the activity you are engaging in. It requires some skill to adequately execute the exercise. Therefore we recommend that you take a beginners’ course with a qualified coach who will teach you how to perform the movements with precision and thus obtain the desired benefits. More and more companies offer courses and guided tours through the geography of Mallorca as part of complete and specific tourist packages. You can practice Nordic Walking all year round even though we recommend you to avoid high temperatures during summer.

- Nordic Walking Circuit: 7km from your apartment

Mallorca has the first Nordic Walking park in Spain. It was created recently in the municipality of Alcúdia. It offers different itineraries with three levels of difficulty. The ‘Es Barcarés’ green route runs along the coast and it is an easy walk. The La Victòria route through the Mediterranean forest offers panoramic views. The Coll Baix route is a difficult walk. It finishes at the small cove of es Coll Baix, a privileged setting that can only be reached on foot or by boat. The enviable natural spaces with numerous hiking routes and the island’s beaches are ideal for Nordic Walking. They offer many itineraries of different lengths and difficulty.
All in all, Mallorca is an ideal setting to take your first steps in the practice of this sport or continue your training in a location that is committed to sustainability. The island offers many possibilities to complement your sports holidays. In Mallorca you will discover a rich cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage unknown to many visitors.
In addition to these tours, we also want to highlight the following:

- Trips less than 1 hour

  • Puig de Maria:  6 km from your apartment
  • Cala Bóquer:  1 km from your apartment

- Tours between 1 and 3 hours

  • Castell de Rei : 6 km from your apartment
  • Atalaya d"Albercuix:  5 km from your apartment
  • The Fumat and Cala Murta:  Just 10 km from your apartment
  • Cala Figuera:  Just 10 km from your apartment
  • Coves Blanques

- Tours of more than 3 hours

Camí Vell de LLuc:  Located 7 km from your apartment. This is the most interesting, so I reproduce the description of the route:
The tour begins in ancient-Lluc Pollença road at the end of Orchard Street, continue along an asphalt road about 500 m up to the torrent of Sant Jordi. We Can Pontico direction dirt roads to find the road-Lluc Pollença. Then, following the road until km. 5.3 we find a large pine tree and take the left path, which borders the Torrent de la Vall d"en Marcc, crossing the possessions of Son Marc, the Pujol and Molinet until it begins the ascent of a beautiful, leafy oaks. The road full of curves, climbs through the possessions of Ca l"Hereuet, and we always left the impressive Puig Tomir of 1102M. After raising Coll Binifaldó reach the paved road and take the right direction Lluc. Reach back to the road-Lluc Pollença, turn left and about 50 meters, take a stone path which takes us to the Shrine of Lluc.
Length and distance: 5 hours, 16 Km
Difficulty: medium.
Route Type. Gravel and asphalt road

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